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Message from President

Message from President

We will work together for a healthy and happy life.



Since the establishment of the Korea Hemophilia Foundation, a social welfare corporation, there have been many changes and developments in the treatment of hemophilia. Back hemophilia treatment is making a breakthrough as a treatment that produces better and better results.


With the availability of various hemophilia drugs, the World Hemophilia Federation last year proposed a third guideline that includes new drugs. The new guidelines include the treatment of musculoskeletal complications and antibody patients, laboratory diagnosis, genetic evaluation, and result evaluation, and strongly recommend preventive therapy. The vision of the World Hemophilia Federation is "treatment for all," meaning that hemophilia patients around the world should receive equally high-quality treatment without discrimination. In the future, our Hemophilia Foundation will work harder to reduce the interval between new guidelines and hemophilia treatment in Korea, and to ensure that all Korean hemophilia patients receive comprehensive treatment.


The 2021 Hyeolwoo Foundation slogan is "30 years together, a happy future together." I believe that if the Hemophilia Foundation joins forces with patients and hemophilia families, the treatment of hemophilia in Korea will become the standard of the World Hemophilia Federation guidelines in 30 years, and a happy future where all patients can receive satisfactory treatment is promised.


Thank you.